Heart of the Vajra
Teachings of a Vajra Master
and Collection of his 3 Lives’ Biography

The collection and edition of a selection of teachings of Dupseng Rinpoche, beloved and venerated teacher and Retreat Master into book form, together with an extensive three-lives’ biography.

Rinpoche has graciously granted a student’s request to collect and edit a selection of his wonderful vajra teachings into book form, together with an extended three-lives biography.

If you’ve read any of the longer texts Rinpoche la had published over the past couple of years, you have already experienced examples of the flow of the Lama’s wisdom through the student’s fingertips.

The student, Karma Jinpa Chöphel, is overjoyed and deeply grateful to be granted this once-in-many-lifetimes opportunity to utilize his talent and love for writing to support Rinpoche’s immeasurably beneficial activities in this new way! He has been fortunate and blessed to be able to support Rinpoche as secretary and with various online activities since 2014, and is thus in a very good position, close to the heart, so to speak, to undertake this auspicious endeavor. He is a ngakpa, a lay yogi practicing the 14 tantric root vows and devoting his life and dedications to the Dharma and Rinpoche’s activities.

Rinpoche la’s strongest appeal for his students is his unique combination of overwhelming enthusiasm for the practice (and the infectious joy he radiates whenever he talks about it) and the utter simplicity with which he makes even the most arcane teachings accessible to the modern mind.

We will endeavor to capture these two qualities in this planned book of his teachings, working-titled, “Heart of the Vajra.”

The inclusion of his three-lives’ biography is intended for his students to be cognizant of their beloved guru, to receive the blessings and inspirations, and to connect on a deeper level.

The result (in one or two volumes) is intended to be published at the Kagyu Monlam 2019 (a little over a year from now, Oct 2018), with the most auspicious date of publication to be determined by Rinpoche’s wisdom intuition.

These published book(s) will be made available through the normal channels (such as print and e-book editions), both allowing students to generate merit, and to contribute to the proliferation of Dharma activities.

In order to manifest this work and bring it to fruition your good wishes and support are humbly requested:

We already have a lot of recordings of formal teachings by Rinpoche from the last four years, however, neither all of those nor especially the informal and personal teachings in which his particular quality shines unsurpassed.

If you have recordings of teachings (public, personal, or spontaneous), interviews or private q&a sessions, any and all of those would be incredibly valuable input for the book. Of course we will treat all personal matters completely confidential and not publish any personal details in any form.

Please contact us at rinpoche@dupseng.org if you have and would like to share any recordings, audio or video, and either send them directly or (better) share them with us via one of the cloud storage services, like iCloud, dropbox, google drive, onedrive, etc.. If you’re not sure how, just drop us a line and we’ll take it from there.

Of course, if you’d like to support the project financially, that would be deeply appreciated and most welcome, too. For that, also contact us at rinpoche@dupseng.org or send your offerings directly

via PayPal at https://www.paypal.me/vimalakirti

or to

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(Funds are graciously processed by The Vimalakirti Project, Ltd.)

The journey on this auspicious project starts now! We would like to express our deep appreciation, gratitude, and rejoicing for the offerings, support, and good wishes already received.

Note: we are committed to see this project through no matter how much support it will receive. Nevertheless, it would be incredibly great if we could have good conditions to complete the book without too much financial struggle, and from as wide a variety of teachings sources as possible.

Should you or your friends like to share any thoughts and ask any questions or give any feedback, please feel free to write to rinpoche@dupseng.org.

We would like to express our thanks and gratitude for your patience and perseverance in following us this far and the generosity with your time end attention in doing so!

May all Dharma activities be immeasurably beneficial!

May all be Auspicious!

Heart of the Vajra
Project Team
Oct 2018