Rinpoche's Activities 2017

Jangchub Chöling Monastery, Nepal, August 28, 2017

Dear vajra brothers and sisters,

Dupseng Rinpoche was invited for the auspicious occasions of the two grand opening ceremonies for Dharma centers in Malaysia (Kuching Karma Kagyu) and Singapore (Karma Kagyud Buddhist Centre), and thus Rinpoche is going to briefly interrupt this year’s retreats.

From September 26 to October 20th; Rinpoche is going to join the activities for the grand opening ceremony of Kuching Karma Kagyu’s new center, followed until October 10 by the grand opening ceremonies and activities for Singapore’s KKBC. Both events are going to be held in the auspicious presence of HH The Gyalwa Karmapa Thaye Dorje. After the conclusions of the Singapore events Rinpoche is going to visit the construction site of the future Manjushri Retreat Center near Bangkok in Thailand for a few days. Around mid-October Rinpoche is going to return to Nepal to continue his retreats.

Students around the world have been missing Rinpoche’s presence this year, and Rinpoche sends his regards and blessings to everyone. If you have the opportunity to join the events in Kuching (Malaysia) or Singapore, please do so, Rinpoche will do what he can to meet with students and friends during the events.

On a different but related note, we are overjoyed to announce that the Fire Bird Year Mani Accumulation Project, initiated by Rinpoche’s students in the Tapal Tibetan community and lamas at Jangchub Choeling Monastery, and dedicated to Rinpoche’s long life and activities, has already reached over 140 million of the targeted 100 million manis. If you are familiar with Chenrezig practice, you are very much invited to join the still ongoing accumulation and log your counts on https://dharma.online so as to share in the immeasurable merit of the accumulated practice of all participants.

Rinpoche sends his regards and auspicious wishes for everybody’s well-being and practice and is looking forward to meeting whoever can join the events in Singapore and Malaysia, and of course seeing all his students again in 2018.

Sarwa Mangalam.